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    JinQu Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd located in Luoyang,central China,which is famous for the Peony.The company was established by Zhiqiang Wang in 1998 and concentrates on the handmade instrument making.
    We have a wide selection of violin family instruments and accessories can meet the needs of different people from beginners to professionals.

    JinQu has put a lot of efforts and resources in instrument development and innovation for many years.Now,JinQu has became one of the largest manufacturers and exporters in China.

    Master luthier

             Master Luthier:  ZHIQIANG WANG

             Born Place: Luoyang city, One famous city with history Culture and art in China.

             Educational background: Study in Russian violin making schools and got Luthier degree in the year of 2000.

             Rich Experience: Continue to produce the Stradivari and Guarneri style violin families instruments for more than 20 years. 

                                Be famous in Varnish and craftwork, give lectures in musical Colleges and violin making schools.

             Certificate: Win a prize in the Malta violin making competition on 2015.

             Goal: Make the JinQu-Violin have a golden sound in all over the world.